Trip to Burma/Myanmar

Myanmar/Burma remains one of the undiscovered mystical places on the planet.

Trip to Burma is our detailed travel guide for travellers wanting to visit Myanmar and explore the Pagodas and Temples in Mandalay and Bagan.

Marco Polo described Burma as “The Golden Land” no doubt inspired by dramatic views of golden pagodas across the plains. It is written he looked out over the temples and saw thousands of golden spires, and almost as many golden Buddhas, as he travelled through it.

We thought of him as we travelled to Mandalay and through the Bagan Archaeological Zone. They seemed to be the best places to travel to in Myanmar with large numbers of Temples and Pagodas to see.

The Mavic Pro Drone and the Panasonic Lumix G85 Camera both shoot footage in 4K and are small and compact enough to fit into a backpack.
With the Zhyiun-Tech Smooth Q Smartphone Gimbal for our iPhone 7, our basic photography gear is complete so we are always ready to capture images of Myanmar’s Temples and Pagodas.

Monk in Burma

We were fortunate to have U Sandima, a buddhist monk, who gave us valuable information as he showed us the Mandalay Temples and Pagodas.
We chose to travel to Myanmar in the off season … June.
Willing to forgo a sunset or two for less people, and a bit of heat and rain for open spaces and quiet, we seem to have hit the best time.

Myanmar is one of the most hospitable countries we have been in and is full of wonderful gentle people.

All the Burmese are full of friendliness with heaps of laughs and smiles.‘Mingalabar’ their single word of welcome, offers hospitality and good wishes at all times of the day.

Come with us on our trip to Burma and see for yourselves this extraordinary place. We hope this website has allowed us to share this wonderful country with you.