Bagan Taxis

Bagan Taxis

Bagan Taxi Driver: Ko Win (Jo Cole)
Ph 09-440665050 or 09-797404737
At the local Bagan airport – Nyaung U Airport – the taxi drivers are waiting out the front. We talk to one of the taxi drivers, who drives us to The Bagan Thande Hotel by the river. We ask him if he is free for the next 6 days. and end up hiring him for our full time in Bagan. Price: 40,000 Kyat ($35 USD) a day as it was the off season.

This is such a great idea, it means we always have his suggestions about where to go and what to see. There is an air conditioned car to retreat to in the heat, someone to look after our stuff when we are temple touring, and someone who can take us to all the wonderful places few will see.

His name is Ko Win. ‘You can call me Jo Cole’ and he arrives at the hotel 9am each morning, with smiles, an air conditioned car and plenty of water for us in the seat pockets.
Each day we decide with him where we are going and our days are filled with places everyone goes to, other places not many people go to, surprises such as the Bagan port area with boats and people, and the markets at New Bagan (Nyaung U).

A last note. In Myanmar the cars are right hand drive, and yet they drive on the right hand side of the road. Takes a bit of brain space to check walking across the road, with it taking a day or so for it to sink in.

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