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Myanmar – Flights

International Airlines
Getting flights to Myanmar is easy. Bangkok seems a good place for us to start from with several flights to choose from daily and only taking 2 hours flight time to Mandalay. We find it useful to use Bangkok as a central hub when travelling in Asia, and a few days stop over is always fun, and not expensive.

We use CheapOair and Skyscanner when searching for the best airline price.

Booking through Tripadvisor for flights also allows for a choice of hotels to go with the package in Bangkok and other destinations in Myanmar as well. This is helpful giving you things to do and places to go.

Local Airlines
Travelling from Mandalay to Bagan there’s a choice of local airlines. When you book to Bagan from Mandalay or Yangon you book to go to Nyaung U airport. This can be confusing but just remember Nyanug U is the surrounding district of Bagan. Golden Myanmar Airlines is the main one. We used Air KBZ from Mandalay to Bagan, and Mann Yadanapon Airlines back to Mandalay.

Checking in to Mandalay Airport to fly to Bagan may seem a bit chaotic, but it all works. You get a sticker to wear so they know which flight to put you on, and bags are checked with several people hovering over them putting on stickers and tags.

For convenience with connecting flights out of Burma on the way home it is useful to look at all local airlines. There is quite a variation in time and days for departures so they often share and combine flights.

Flying to Bagan is quick, just over half an hour… It seemed a much better use of time rather than a road trip. But if you hire a taxi from Mandalay to Bagan it will take about 3-4 hours.

Myanmar travel is not limited to air only, you can go by train, boat or a hire taxi, but we alway travel by air as time is often an important commodity with our travel plans.

Slightly apprehensive about getting the visa, it seemed too easy to apply online, download and print the document. But it worked. Within 24 hrs of applying we had our visa emailed to us. We were impressed. And there was no problem with the authenticity of it when producing it for officials or at the airline check in.

A note here… Have your visa printout ready when you are checking in on your flight to to Myanmar… this is when they first confirm you do have a visa.

Another note…Don’t overstay your visa. It is for the time you are there, the dates on your visa, and absolutely no more.
Tourist Visa – 28 Days – $50 usd
Business Visa 70 Days – $70 usd

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