Mandalay Jade and Flower Markets

Mandalay Flower & Jade Market

Mandalay Jade Market
Do you want to see Mandalay Jade Market? We call it Mahar Aung Myay‘ Our taxi driver is asking where we will go today … ‘Best time to go is early morning ok? So we are off‘Yes please’,

Myanmar is famous for its Burmese jade, and getting to the Mandalay Jade market it’s obvious we are there. Long lines of motor bikes say all the buyers and sellers are there already. 5am is for the buyers to get there and set up. About 8-9am the sellers are rolling up.

Everything is traded. Large bits of stone, huge boulders of jade, flat cut slabs, unfinished cut pieces, finished cabochons, carvings and bangles. There are the clear and pure white stones, all the way through to the dark sea green of the emperors jade.

Chinese and Burmese jade buyers are lined up and seated along the walkways with white trays showing samples of what they want to buy. Sellers patrol the narrow lanes showing what they have to trade. Men from the northern regions of Myanmar walk by with heavy lumps of Burmese jade on their shoulders eyes avoiding the camera, and groups of men trading their jade are talking loudly between themselves trying for a good deal.

Then there are those quietly wheeling and dealing in the corners … Its been this way for a long time and will continue to be so for a long time to come.

The sellers of other stones and gems are off to one side tempting the tourists with big smiles, beads, and bracelets.
We check them out and leave for the flower market. I want to come back with more time please.

Entry Fee
1000 kyat per person.
Getting There
Taxi or bike. Better a taxi and get them to wait. We hire a taxi for our full stay in Mandalay so we can always be sure of someone there for us.
Mandalay Flower Market
We stop off at the Mandalay Morning Flower Market after the main flurry of flowers has passed. It’s open from 5am to midday and gradually slows down until about 12pm cleanup time.

Sellers come from near and far selling neat packed bunches of roses, chrysanthemum, and exotic coloured flowers ready for Pagoda offerings and Buddha flowers.

Walking round we are greeted by the friendly ‘mingalabar’ and smiling flower vendors.

Old empty bamboo woven baskets sit in piles and the flowers are whisked off on motor bikes to decorate and offer themselves in new places. Flowers and leaves litter the ground and as bundles in big sacks are unloaded more bundles are sorted and sent away. Time to pack up until 5am tomorrow.

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