Photography and Electronic Gear

Photography Gear

All our equipment is hand picked for versatility, compactness, and weight.
We are extremely picky about the quality of the end result, and are really happy with what we take with us everywhere we go.
From experience if you don’t get it right before you go, its too late to change halfway through the trip.
We have always found the reviews, full spec sheets, and efficient quick worldwide delivery from BH Photo very helpful when purchasing.
We do benefit in a small way from referrals to other sites, but like to recommend from our own personal experiences with purchases.
Total weight of all gear except Macbook Pro on this page = 6000g or 6.0kg or 13.3lbs.
As we have two backpacks we can spread the gear load, include some emergency clothing and easily come in under the 7kg airlines carry on limits.

Panasonic Lumix DMC G85

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G85. Its ability to shoot inside dark temples is amazing. Shoots 4k and Raw.
No stabilizer needed. My old favourite camera is a Sony a99v full frame, this new one beats it in a lot of areas.
Weight with 12-60mm lens in light protective case = 785g

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Panasonic Lumix 7-14mm G Vario Lens

Great wide angle lens letting in heaps of light. Never took it off the camera the entire time in Myanmar.
Weight = 341g

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DJI Mavic Pro

Folds away to travel case 25cm x 30cm x 12cm. Easy to use, not intrusive. Recommend shooting in 4k, as this gives you more options in post.
Weight in it’s case with all batteries and accessories = 2300g

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ZhiyunTech Smooth Q Smartphone Gimbal

Bought this just before our trip to burma. Great piece of kit. Used it with iPhone 7 in 4K and 1080p (120fps).
Will definitely be using it more on our next adventure to Bali.
Weight in it’s case = 713g

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iPad Mini 4 – 128gb Wifi and Cellular

Used mainly attached to Mavic Pro controller.
Much easier to compose shots than an iPhone.

Weight = 428g
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Lightning Cable 9inch

I use one of these cables to connect my iPad mini to my Mavic Pro controller. A nice compact connection.

Weight = See DJI Mavic Pro weight
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Joby Gorilla Pod with Ballhead

Really handy for quick timelapses, rough terrrain etc.

Weight = 45g
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Mavic Pro Landing Gear Extensions

These are a great addition to my kit. Good in rough terrain, long grass etc. More compact than a landing pad.

Weight = See DJI Mavic Pro weight
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Mavic Pro Carry Case

Carries all my Mavic accessories, two extra batteries and car charger.
iPad mini fits in the lid area..

Weight = See DJI Mavic Pro weight
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Mavic Pro Car Charger

Really efficient quick charger. Drivers don’t mind running the engine if you give them a bit extra for the days tab. Charges battery in about 20-30mins

Weight = See DJI Mavic Pro weight
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Rode Video Mic Pro

Powerful and clear microphone. Great range.

Weight = 245g
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GoPro Case

Takes all accessories and camera. Can take some extra mounts as well.

Weight with all accessories and batteries = 460g
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GoPro Hero 5

Always good to have this in my kit. Backup or third camera etc.

Weight – see GoPro Case
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Macbook Pro 15

All of my post edits while travelling are done using Final Cut Pro X on my desktop Imac. My older 15.4 inch Macbook Pro is an ideal substitute for travel editing and viewing footage.
Weight = 1800g
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Macbook Slim Case
I use this bag to carry my Macbook Pro and some portable hard drives. Nice and slim, also carrys an iPad.
Weight = 350g
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Under Armour Storm Recruit Backpack

We have two of these as our carry on luggage. They are light, strong, waterproof and roomy. I am really happy with them. Holds Mavic Pro in it’s case at the bottom, Lumix G85 and extra lens, Zhiyun stablizer

Weight = 600g
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Electronic Gear

We use all of these electronic devices as they are well designed, light and efficient.
We could not do our projects without them.


All of my computer gear is Apple.
I use a 2017 – 27inch iMac – 3.8 GHz Intel Core i5 with 24gb of ram and a 2010 – 27inch iMac as my dual screen.
This setup requires a – Lightning to Mini Display port adapter.
Final Cut ProX is my main video editing software, because of the versatility I can get with LUT’s and the many 4K effects.
A simple example is adding a Ken Burns effect on 4k Mavic footage in some shots, to zoom or alter the track.
I use Adobe Photoshop CC for stills.

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