Sitagu Buddhist Academy – Mandalay

Sitagu International Buddhist Academy

Sitagu International Buddhist Academy in Mandalay lies at the foot of Sagaing Hill.
We are there filming with the drone. It is a bursting hot day. The cloudless blue sky looking even bluer against the pink and white Sitagu Buddhist Academy building with its golden dome.

The centre is closed for the weekend, and we are grateful for the opportunity to film this magnificent Buddhist complex that many people have helped bring to life.

Venerable Thegon Sayadow head of the Sitagu association of Myanmar began construction of this centre in 1994 with the aim of passing on the Buddhist Teachings and continuing to train Buddhist scholars in the Dharma.

Its aims are universal, with three overall objectives in mind:
1. To strive for personal welfare through self-development and the cultivation of knowledge (attatthacariya).
2. To strive for the welfare of kin, friends and associates (natatthacariya).
3. To strive for the welfare of all people regardless of race, creed, nationality or gender (lokatthacariya).

The Sitagu International Buddhist Academy will be directed towards:
1. Revealing the reality and truth of Dharma.
2. Delivering Dharma through cultural activities.
3. Delivering Dharma through moral education.
4. Cultivating the noble seed of Dharma in the human heart.
5. Promoting humanitarian activities through Dharma.
6. Eliminating negativity through Dharma.
7. Purifying the mind through Dharma.

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